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Atlantic Regenerative Joint and Spine Center in Yulee, Florida, is a practice dedicated to improving their patients’ quality of life using the power of regenerative medicine. The practice’s founder, Eli Loch, DO, a board-certified anesthesiologist and interventional pain management specialist who helps relieve patients’ pain so they can return to the activities they love. 

Dr. Loch studied at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Bradenton, Florida, and completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of Florida in Gainesville. During his residency, Dr. Loch became interested in treating complex spine, nerve, and joint problems. His passion for helping patients with these kinds of conditions prompted him to complete a fellowship in interventional pain management.

The philosophy at Atlantic Regenerative Joint and Spine Center is to consider every treatment option with an open mind, whether it’s back, neck, shoulder, knee, elbow, or other joint pain. The focus is on improving patients’ overall health.


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The Atlantic Regenerative Difference:


Dr. Loch is board certified to perform ultrasound and X-ray injections. He has personally performed over 8000 procedures. He can accurately inject the small tissues that are needed for the best outcome. Less than 1% of stem cell doctors are able to specifically inject all these structures such as the meniscus, rotator cuff, labrum, or ACL.


Our patient registry currently tracks thousands of patients so we know what works best for your particular problem. You won’t find this at any other office. We have more published stem cell data supporting our procedures than anyone else. Our unique injection protocols are based on this data that has been accumulated over many years of patient treatment and is only available at Atlantic Regnerative.



All of our procedures are 100% FDA compliant. No illegal amniotic or umbilical cord products are ever used. Multiple independent labs have shown that these products contain no living cells.


We have North Florida’s most advanced stem cell and PRP lab. We create a customized injection by hand for your particular issue. We never use one size fits all bedside machines to make your injection.



New patient visits are 1 hour and include a detailed history, hands on exam, review of imaging, and an in-office diagnostic ultrasound or X-Ray if needed. We get to the root cause of your pain instead of just treating the symptoms.

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We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans!

Insurance is accepted for consultation and follow up appointments but Regenexx procedures are not covered by insurance.

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What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a type of injection therapy that is performed by concentrating the platelet cells of the blood. This procedure is increasingly being used in the treatment of arthritis, sports injuries, and cosmetics.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

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What is a Herniated Disc?

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Words from our patients

  • Google

    Dr. Loch has always gone out of his way to be helpful and honest with me. He is more forward-thinking than any other doctors I have known and I trust him ...

    Carol C.
  • Google

    ...One of the best medical professionals I have ever met in my 57 years of life. Thank you, Dr. Loch. Highly recommended ...

    James H.
  • Google

    The few times I've seen Dr. Loch he's always been very professional and a gentleman with a good manner.

    Dianna B.
  • Google

    My experience with Dr. Loch was always positive. He was very kind and understanding. All of the procedures that he performed on my lower back were successful...

    Mary C.
  • Google

    Dr. Loch is one of the personable physicians I know. He takes his time and makes sure he covers all of the bases and answers questions completely. The staff is great ...

    John G.
  • Google

    ...He listens very intently to your concerns and addresses them in the best way possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Loch to anyone who is suffering with pain.

    Susan B.
  • Google

    Dr. Loch is the best! He genuinely cares and looks for the best solution for your situation. Not a one size fits all approach.

    Cathy G.
  • Google

    Very caring, listen to me then explained everything to me and gave many different options for my neck and back.

    Rhonda B.
  • Google

    ... I’m extremely happy with Dr. Loch and my procedure. I don’t have the chronic pain I had before. I highly recommend this over any surgery. Thank you Dr. Loch!!

    Allison L.
  • Google

    I have at least 10 doctor's and with absolute surety Dr. Loch is my favorite. He takes the time to listen to me with compassion and understanding ...

    Trish M.
  • Google

    I have been seeing Dr. Loch for several years and not only is he very professional, he actually listens to what you have to say ...

    Carey C.
  • Google

    Dr. Loch is a professional at every thing he does, he has given me back my life in many ways and I can honestly say he is a friend to me ...

    Jason R.
  • Google

    Excellent Dr. always willing to listen and help. Definitely would recommend Dr. Loch to any one that needs help with pain issues.

    Harry J.
  • Google

    Doctor Loch was wonderful with my husband. His caring style and thoughtful approach always appreciated.

    Rande M.
  • Google

    Always listens, is willing to give numbing medication before any kind of procedure. He is the best!

    Linda P.
  • Healthgrades

    Dr. Loch is one of the most pleasant doctors I have ever met. I have been seeing him for about two years now ...

    D. C.
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