Why should you visit the Atlantic Regenerative Joint and Spine Center?

The Atlantic Regenerative Joint and Spine Center offer innovative treatments that aren’t found anywhere else.

We understand that choosing the appropriate regenerative clinic for your needs can be overwhelming, as you only want the best for your health. We also only want the best for your health. Using Regenexx’s patented procedures, we are able to give our patients the expertise and care they deserve in treating their problems. We have compiled a list of reasons why the Atlantic Regenerative Joint and Spine Center are better than the rest.



No other office in the Ponte Vedra Beach area uses a flexible lab platform to create a customized injection for your specific problem. Other offices use a one size fits all approach with a bedside machine. We have a dedicated lab room that follows OSHA and FDA standards and uses certified equipment and a 4-foot certified biohood to prepare your injection. This means we can make different concentrations for injections and we can concentrate cells higher than anyone else. In addition, we are the only office in the area to test the number of cells and viability of those cells prior to injection. This ensures that we know exactly what you are getting and that the dosing is sufficient. This can be similar to the difference between prescribing 10mg or 100mg of a medication! Dosing is important to get the optimal outcome.



Regenexx only accepts 1% of physicians who apply to their Network. These physicians must be trained in musculoskeletal medicine and have already performed a variety of procedures. In addition, physicians must then undergo additional comprehensive training, pass exams, and demonstrate proficiency before practicing.



Regenexx is the only network of physicians to have a national patient registry which tracks outcomes. This allows us to know what works for your specific problem and to advance the field. Regenexx is responsible for 44% of the world’s research in this area. This data also allows us to determine who is an appropriate candidate and who is likely to respond to its treatment. Research will be conducted at the Ponte Vedra office in the near future. In addition, Dr. Loch has been an investigator for an FDA approved clinical trial for stem cell injections for low back pain.



Every procedure that we do is FDA compliant. We follow very strict guidelines regarding this. There are several offices in the area that are doing illegal or fraudulent “stem cell” procedures and charging thousands of dollars. It’s important to have knowledge of the procedure you’re having, the training and technique of the person doing the injection, what exactly is being injected, and realize the risks and benefits of the procedure. Here at our Ponte Vedra Beach practice, we assure you, you’re in qualified and experienced hands.


Procedure technique

Every injection we do is guided with either ultrasound or live x-ray (fluoroscopy). To get the injection in the precise tissue where the problem is, image guidance is needed. It’s not enough to inject a bunch of cells into the joint and hope for the best. There are small and often technically difficult structures that need to be injected to get the best outcome. This is only achieved with image guidance, which we provide.



Every new patient’s initial appointment is approximately 1 hour in length and will include a complete dynamic ultrasound exam and x-ray if needed. In addition, we always examine multiple areas to assess where the true cause of the problem is coming from. It’s not enough to only look at one joint or only evaluate the patient using the imaging studies. A great example is people with knee arthritis. Many of these patients have an underlying low back problem which contributed to an abnormal gait. It was the abnormal gait that then lead to knee arthritis. However, if all of these issues (including gait and low back) are not addressed, the patient will not have the best chance at improving.

If you’re thinking about booking in with the Atlantic Regenerative Joint and Spine Center, or you would like more information on our procedures, please contact us today!

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