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Not all stem cell procedures are the same, so why would we treat you any different?

At Atlantic Regenerative we offer the most advanced stem cell, blood platelet, and other orthopedic regenerative treatments in the world. Not all stem cell and platelet-based treatments are the same.  Atlantic Regenerative is part of the greater elite network of Regenexx musculoskeletal specialists.  We are the leaders in the rapidly growing field of regenerative medicine.


These eight reasons are sure to convince you that Regenexx is the reason you can say ‘no’ to surgery:



Not all stem cell procedures are the same, so why would we treat you any different?


How it works

Stem Cell Treatments

Same-Day Stem Cell Protocol

Our stem cells are the life-blood of our bodies and they live deep inside our various tissues and are on standby to heal our body whenever it gets injured. When our body suffers serious injury, we may not have the adequate supply of healthy stem cells to repair the area in question. Regenexx to the rescue! Regenexx Stem Cell Procedures involve removing stem cells for an area where in the body where they are in abundance, then concentrating them and reinjecting them back into the body so our body’s “repairmen” can get to work healing this area.

Stem Cell Procedures are used to treat a variety of conditions, namely injuries, arthritis and other significant conditions. We suggest Stem Cell Procedures when our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Platelet Lysate Procedures may not be adequate.


Blood Platelet Treatments

Super Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) & Advanced Platelet Lysate Procedures

Our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Lysate Injection Treatments are jam-packed full of healing entities from your very own blood and these ultimately enable your body to self-heal. With the rise of the ‘alternative to surgery’ and leading sportsmen as its ambassadors, PRP is fast becoming the norm when it comes to repairing joint, tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries. By stimulating the stem cells in the affected area, platelet injection treatments cause the stem cells to work even harder to heal damaged tissues.

We’d recommend our Advanced Platelet Procedures for more common soft tissue injuries, mild arthritis and spine conditions.

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